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Dance Hacks: From the Studio to Competition Season

17 Sep 2018, by Kate Davies in Uncategorised

We’ve all seen the posts flooding our news feed, featuring the best new ‘life hacks’; whether it’s a quicker way to complete household tasks, a great hairstyle tip, or a money saving idea, everyone wants to know how to make the most of their time. With Encore Weekend fast approaching, we thought we’d come up with some dance hacks of our own!


  • Keep Hydration High

According to dance icons the Radio City Rockettes, drinking water through a straw is a must during long rehearsals. Waterbottles with straws help you to drink more water, which will keep you more hydrated and ready to face a long day of rehearsing for your next competition. “Again, but now on the left…”


  • New to Pointe? Try this…

When dancers are new to pointe work, it’s important to make sure their shoes are sturdy. Once they’ve found the perfect pair to fit their feet, they’ll need to make sure those shoes see them through falls, trips, and many attempted turns. When darning shoes, ditch the too-thin thread and opt for unwaxed dental floss instead. It is far more durable, and especially useful for new pointe shoes.


  • Bring Costumes Back to Life

Competitions and shows are never cheap, but they are always worth it. Make Leonardo DiCaprio proud, and get creative with your costume recycling! To get your money’s worth out of old costumes, why not put them to good use? Some studios display old costumes around the walls, which brightens them up, and improves the acoustics too. Other studios encourage parents and teachers to sell second-hand costumes and uniforms to younger dancers coming through the school. This saves money, and can help build connections between families at your dance school.


  • Stay Lights, Camera, Action Ready

Before a competition or show, making sure that all the costumes are performance-ready is almost impossible. Keep deodorant at the ready to use on shoes to prevent blisters, and clear nail polish should stay handy in case any tights snag. To keep hair in place, make sure you spray hairpins with hairspray before using them. It will add grip, and stop the pins from flying off mid-pirouette.


  • Teachers: Go Green

With social media taking over, there’s almost no need for printing anymore. Cut the costs of advertising by going paperless, and using social media to advertise your classes or events. Rehearsal timetables can be uploaded as a pdf, so parents and dancers can more easily download them. When it comes to shows, why not continue this digital takeover? Instead of printing programmes, which can get costly, consider projecting a slide presentation, showing the name of each piece and the dancers involved before each dance. You’ll save money, and it gives you more flexibility to make last-minute changes.


Do you have any hacks that you’ve found useful in your dance studio? Let us know! @encoreweekend


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