Encore Weekend | Duo Competition

Duo Competition



This is a competition where dancers compete in pairs to a set track. There will be approx 5-10 duos on the floor at one time, depending on style,  each duo will wear a dancer number, and they will be recalled after each round. Dancers must remain on the spot when competing in this category. Dancers can compete in both styles.

Age categories

Duos must compete in the category of the oldest dancer.

  • Under 12
  • Under 16
  • 16 +


Commercial duos

The DJ will play the following tracks for each age category. The track will be played from the beginning for approx 60 – 75 seconds. (please note the over 16 commercial track starts at 0.22 seconds)

Dancers are permitted to choreograph 6 counts of 8, and then keep repeating this if they wish. There will be approx. 5 – 10 duos on the floor at one time.
For the final 5, each duo will have a 60 second spot, the music will start from the beginning each time.

Dancers can perform using any style they wish, but must use the tracks chosen.

Lyrical duos

Please see below for lyrical duos music.
Please ensure you use the versions listed.

Please note that dancers only need to choreograph approx 60 – 75 seconds (starting at beginning of track). There will be approx 4 – 5 duos on the floor at a time and then for the lyrical duos final, they will be given solo spots of approx 60 seconds per duo (each slot will start at the beginning of the track).


Age Style Track Artist Album version Time
Under 12 Lyrical TBC
Under 16 Lyrical TBC
Over 16 Lyrical TBC
Under 12 Commercial  



Under 16 Commercial TBC
Over 16* Commercial TBC




We will also be running a parent & child duo competition.

The track for this will be TBC



Enter Parent & Child here

    • Each dancer must be a UDO member (you can sign up for free here – https://gb.udostreetdance.com/user/register )
    • Dancers must remain in their permitted floor space whilst dancing.
    • Dancers cannot touch the judges.
    • Dancers must perform on the spot and cannot move around the dance floor.
    • Dancers cannot perform acrobatics or any move they are not in full control of, i.e. – back flips in early rounds of a competition; such moves are only allowed in a FINAL where there is room on the dance floor. Judges are pre-advised not to recall anyone that has breached this rule.
    • Clarification on ages, i.e. – if you are 8 you must compete in the Under 12, if you are 12 you must compete in under 16 and so on.
    • Duos dance in the category of the eldest dancer eg: a 9 year old and 13 year old would compete in the under 16 category
    • Breach of any of these rules will result in a warning or disqualification.
    • Age appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn