Encore Weekend | Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria




Judging Criteria for groups

Please note all groups must be a maximum of 2.5 minutes. Teams will be penalised if their music runs over this time.

Judges will give scores for teams based on the following criteria:

Each point is out of a maximum 10 points,

1-2 = Below Average 3-4 = average 5-6=good 7-8 = very good 9-10 = excellent

Please note 0.25, 0.5 & 0.75 can also be used.



• Portrayal & execution of the style

• Variety of choreography used


Musicality & creativity

• Interpretation of different beats & phrasing

• Original movement ideas, uniqueness & originality of combinations



• Difficulty level of choreography

• Overall use of space and spatial awareness, and use of smooth transitions.



• Attentiveness, enthusiasm, energy, confidence

• Routine execution and perfection


Creativity and Musicality

  • The creative throughout the piece over all
  • Use of music and attention to detail throughout


Judges opinion

  • This is the individual opinion of each judge.

Total /60




Duos criteria


• Dancers must be dancing in time with the track

• Show a variety of movement & choreo

• Dancers must stay on the spot