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Getting Festive in the Studio…

04 Dec 2018, by Kate Davies in Uncategorised

Dance schools are like families; laugh together, grow together, argue, cry, but always there to lend a helping hand. Your dance studio is the family you get to choose, and we’re so proud to provide a platform for all budding dancers to showcase their passion with the support of their dance community.

Around this time of year, we love to think about how to best celebrate Christmas with dance families everywhere! Here’s our rundown of how to celebrate the festive season in your dance studio…


The Perfect Christmas Showcase

Nothing bonds a dance family together much more than preparing for a show. The hours spent rehearsing, the beautiful costumes, the makeup, the hairstyles, the music…it’s often the highlight of a dance school’s year. When things get a little chaotic, remember to take a step back and enjoy the crazy, sparkly days leading up to the show. Make sure there’s plenty of bubbly (and lemonade for the kids!) to go around once the curtain falls, and take the time to celebrate with your dance family. Having a ‘perfect’ show doesn’t have to mean that every routine goes to plan and every step is executed on beat: it can simply mean watching your dancers enjoy themselves on stage.


Party Time!

Once the Christmas show is complete, a party can always keep the festive fun going! Make sure you pack the playlist with your students’ favourite dance tracks, and throw in plenty of Christmas tunes. Decorating the studio doesn’t need to be expensive, as some tinsel around the mirrors and lights strung across the barre can make the world of difference! Get the invitations sent out far and wide, welcoming in all members of your dance family.


Season of Giving…

To keep the Christmas spirit high, why not suggest a Secret Santa among the dancers? Giving little gifts can show them all how valued they are, and gives them a little something to look forward to at the end of term. Gifts to teachers are alwaysappreciated, and parents can get involved by sharing a mulled wine or two at the Christmas parade!


Let’s be honest: if Christmas adverts have taught us anything, it’s that the greatest gift we can give to those we love is our time. However you celebrate the festive season with your studio, we hope your dance families enjoy spending quality time together.

Now, let’s get the box of celebrations out…


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