Encore Weekend | Group Competition

Group Competition


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Tap / musical theatre
Ballet / Contemporary
Street/ hip hop
Advanced street

Please note some categories may be mixed for example: Ballet & Contemporary or Musical theatre & tap


Age categories

Under 12

Under 16

Over 16

If you do not wish to compete you have the chance to just showcase, when registering you would choose from the drop down, and judges would be aware of this beforehand. You would have constructive feedback from the judges and would be medal tested. This will be done in the team categories.

If there are 8 teams or less in a category the UDO reserves the right to combine certain categories (i.e. Beginner/Novice or Intermediate/Advanced and some occasions where there are 5 or less teams in a category they may be combined into an open category by age)

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  • Minimum no of dancers in a group = 4
  • Maximum no of dancers in a group = 50
  • Maximum length for piece = 3mins
  • Various tracks can be used and mixed together during piece.
  • Dancers can compete in a group and also a duo
  • Groups are not permitted to use any language or obscenities during the piece
  • 75% of the competing team must be within the age division they are competing in. 25% of the team would be allowed to be older. However they can only be older up to the next age division.
  • ie; if you had 12 dancers in your under 14 team, 9 dancers must be under 13 years of age, 3 dancers could be older either 14, 15, 16 OR 17 years of age.
  • All dancers must be a UDO member.  (you can sign up for free here – http://www.udostreetdance.com/register/)
  • Dancers cannot touch the judges.
  • Props are permitted providing they are not dangerous and can be cleared from the dance floor immediately after your performance. (No talc, glitter, water must be thrown down on to the stage!)
  • Teams are not allowed to be called by their own school name
  • Costumes are permitted

To register, please fill in the following form