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Looking Forward To Dance Stars – European Championships!

26 Feb 2019, by Kate Davies in Uncategorised

Dance Stars (in association with Encore Weekend), is the all new ultimate European Dance Championships hosted in the Netherlands. On the 3rd- 5th May 2019 dancers will showcase their talents through six different styles of dance – all at the same competition. We’ve counted our top reasons to be excited for the European Dance Championship below..

  1. A style to suit everyone! One aspect we love about all style competitions is that it gives dancers the opportunity to compete in more than one style. This is a perfect event for all rounded dancers that train in various styles of dance.  
  2. A variety of categories. With teams, solos and duos available in all styles there is a category to suit everyone. Dance with your partner in crime in up to six styles with our duo section. Or go solo and showcase your skills in the solo category.
  3. Inspiring workshops. Why not use the weekend to train and improve technique too? At Dance Stars, we’re offering a wide range of workshops taught by an inspirational faculty, which cater to all abilities. You can expect the likes of Lizzie Gough and Tjasa on the line up!
  4. For dancers and the audience.. With more than one dance style showcased, Dance Stars will not only be fun for the competitor but also incredibly entertaining from a spectators point of view. From watching Ballet to Street dance, there will always be a performance that will delight the audience.
  5. A European Championship –  This is the first time that Dance Stars & Encore Weekend will become a European Championship! The European Dance Championships will see dance celebrated in all its forms from passionate dancers across Europe, and we for one, can not wait to see dancers inspire each other!

Why are you looking forward to Dance Stars – European Championships? Let us know @encoreweekend!

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