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Professional Dance Training: Where is right for you?

16 Aug 2018, by Kate Davies in Uncategorised

Since we made the massive announcement that the over 16 Judges Choice prize would be a fully funded scholarship to train at Addict Dance Academy, it got us thinking about how we can do more to help you find professional training options. On A-level results day, it seems only fair that we give you some top tips on choosing the best place to continue your dance training and education!

Entering the dance industry is a daunting prospect for any young person, but a career in the dance world is rewarding, dynamic, and unique to each professional dancer.

So how should you choose where to train? Don’t worry; while you’ve been busy perfecting your arabesque, we’ve started the research for you.

Getting Qualified

Vocational training for dancers can vary, and training colleges offer many different options. At Addict Dance Academy, for example, students can choose the route of BTEC and Degree level study, gaining standardized qualifications. This is offered in many dance training colleges, such as London’s LSC, Liverpool’s LIPA, and Manchester’s Shockout Arts.

What if you don’t want the degree? Many training colleges offer a slightly more practiced-based Diploma option, like Tiffany Theatre College or Performer’s College in Essex.

What’s more, if dance interests you from a more academic than performance-based perspective, why not apply to study a Degree in Dance from a more traditional university? You’ll get studio time and performance experience, while exploring other avenues of the dance industry like marketing and film.

 Styles and Skills

When it comes to styles of dance, it’s important to choose a course that suits you down to a T. Full-time training requires discipline and drive, so make sure you’re truly passionate about your course; want to hone your street dance or commercial skills? Don’t head to a classical ballet school! Make sure your course is as focused as you are and allows you to follow your interests, whether that’s tap, modern, jazz, ballet, musical theatre, commercial, or all styles together. Some courses also allow you to gain teaching qualifications, so if you’re keen to teach, make sure this is included in the course you choose.

Location, location, location

Training can be tough, so if you’re a home-bird then don’t feel like you have to hit the Big City to achieve your dance training dreams. There are courses all over the U.K., from Leicester to Glasgow to Cardiff. Moving away from home for the first time is hard on everyone, so anything you can do to make it that bit easier for yourself will benefit you long-term.

What next?

As a dancer-in-training, it’s always vital to be looking ahead at your next exciting step. Many training facilities have their own agency, and several courses encourage dance students to audition throughout their training. Don’t be afraid to enquire into graduate prospects when you’re applying – you never know what advice or offers you might uncover…

Author: Hannah Evans


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