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What’s Next for Encore?

16 Nov 2018, by Kate Davies in Uncategorised

Once the final dancer left the floor, the lights were taken down, the glitterball put back in its box, there was a moment of calm for the Encore team.


That moment lasted about as long as an under 12 tap routine.


Following one of our most successful Encore Weekend events to date, we just haven’t stopped. We are so fortunate to work with incredible dancers, teachers, studios, parents, families and supporters, and we think it’s time we offered more. More chances to dance, to come together, to perform, and to grow as young artists. The ultimate dance experience can only get bigger and better; we can’t wait for our studios to join us on this journey.


Coming up first, we will have the Encore – Essex regional event. This will take place on the 7thApril 2019 in Essex, and we are so excited to see all our South East studios there. We’ll be offering all styles of dance, as well as a workshop, so dancers of all abilities will be able to come along and take part. What makes this event extra special? Taking the helm of our South East regionals will be the one and only Mini Willets: long-time Encore judge, respected professional dancer, and founder of one of London’s most exciting dance training centres Runway House. She’s not only passionate about Encore as an event, but loves what the whole brand stands for: offering young dancers a platform to develop their skills, showcase their talent, and take inspiration from others. We are already far too excited to see how Mini runs Encore Essex!


But, that’s not all. It’s not just the U.K that will see more of Encore; our European Championships ‘Dance Stars’ is coming in May. Over in Veldhoven, Netherlands, we’ll be bringing together dancers in all styles from across Europe to compete for European Champion titles. Dancers in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, street, and contemporary styles will take to the stage and delight an international audience. Seeing dancers from across Europe will undoubtedly inspire each other to do their very best, and bring their all to the floor. Could you be a European Champion?


We’ve also confirmed Encore Weekend 2019 dates, and we’ll be welcoming all our dancers back to Brean Sands for the ultimate dance experience running 1-4thNovember 2019.


For more information on Encore Regionals, please contact Mini at encore@theudogroup.com. For more information on Dance Stars, or to book your place for Encore 2019, please contact Kate at kate@theudogroup.com. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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